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Grief is like a very heavy barbell - How carrying lifelong grief and progressive overload are similar

 I started this post back in the beginning of  the year. My son with Autism had another birthday, which for me is always a time of reflection on how many years I have experienced the blessing of having him, but also the grief of his sudden regression and diagnosis. Since his birthday, more has happened. Not specifically to me, but to those I love. Death, sickness, amputation...The world is broken and no one is left unscarred. Hardship is sometimes fleeting, but for most of us, at some point, grief comes into our life and doesn't leave us again until we depart from this life. Some people get away with not having much permanent grief for a very long time. They have the hardships, perhaps the financial ones that tend to ease over time. The sickness they long have recovered from, although possibly attached to new fears they now must overcome, and eventually do. Maybe it's just the exhaustion of being overworked for a time, or a broken friendship or courtship where life goes on and

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